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They exist among us…!

You might’ve heard about  a very rare species. They’re seen everywhere. Some even wear their disguise. Some are the real deal but are mistaken for something else. Many believed they don’t exist, but I know that they do. I’ve seen one. They’re very, very, very rare. You can’t always pick out the real ones, but those of us which are lucky, we do.

I’m talking bout selfless people. The ones which will do anything for others, even if it means bending over their self respect. I’m not selfless. I can’t be, I’ve never been one. I like having the things I want. I like doing whatever I feel like. I hardly listen to anybody (Unless they’re my parents, of course. I can’t afford to be homeless, yet).

It’s a common misconception in modern times that “Every man lives for himself.” Yes, most of us do. You can’t deny it. You’re telling me you’ve never been selfish your whole life? Well, if you haven’t been selfish, then congratulations, I’m going to say a lot of good things about people like you.

So, I met someone. No, not “met someone”-met someone…but someone became a very important part of my day. Now, just to clear it up for everyone…not the dating types, okay? I just made a friend who made me so happy that people actually started asking, “Why are you so happy?” They had to ask because usually I’m the Khadus, brooding types. I actually do smile, just not all the time.

Anyways, I met this person. He makes me happy, he makes me laugh. Life has seriously never been happier since September. I think during my Periodical Exams was the last time I was going through a “Phase”. Since then, I’ve made a lot of new friends, redeemed relationships with old ones, and I’ve been happy that the people who left are gone. If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be here right now.

Coming back to the selfless person part, at first, being the cynical dark bitch I am, I doubted if he’s everything he says he is. It would’ve been easy for me to ask around, but I didn’t do it, because I wanted to trust someone for a change. And fortunately, I made the correct choice. At this point, he’s one of the people who have actually earned my respect.

He’s the kind of person who makes you believe in humanity again. He’s different than all the other guys in college, or belong to that age group. They watch explicit movies on the internet, but this guy helps those who are subject to cyber crime. They’re after any girl they can get, he helps girls against these types of guys. You get the flow, right? He’s literally unlike any guy I have ever met in my life. I’m including my dad, brother, cousins, friends…everyone.

The best part about him is he makes everyone happy. He does it for everyone and he loves it when someone laughs because of him. It’s like, he can’t bear anyone sad. He doesn’t need to know the cause of that frown to turn it upside down. He senses it and does everything in his power to make him/her happy.

I never knew these people existed. I still don’t, apart form him. He’s one in seven billion 😛 He does everything humanly possible. Seriously. He’s a photographer, writer, cyber security person, teacher, student and whatnot. Therefore, his best friend is his PC. It’s not easy to find people who’ll do anything for others. It’s not easy to trust someone unknown. But you know, I am so freaking glad I took that leap of faith 😀

I might be wrong. He might not be the only selfless person in this world. But you know what we do when we spot someone doing a selfless deed? We think there’s an ulterior motive behind it. We think that person has a diabolical plan behind doing something nice for others. A lot of times, we are right. There are brutally selfish people out there, and it’s not bad to keep our guard up. It’s only human. But I think we sometimes think that everyone out there is bad. That everyone is out to get us. That’s just an extra sense we have these days. We doubt anything and everything. Someone picked up dropped keys for me? My god, that man has some agenda behind it.

We’re paranoid these days. There’s nothing we can do to overcome that paranoia. Hell, I can’t do it, how can I suggest ways for others to do it? But I guess all we can do it keep a broader range for letting people in. Not all the way, but just enough to sense it whether they really care about us or are just using us.

Don’t you get suffocated in your own skin at times? Like, you can’t even figure out who’s real and who’s fake? We’re too involved in our own selves. We’re all trapped in a bottle, and we need to let some air out. Not enough to fly away in it, but just enough to breathe.Image

Like I said, it’s in our nature to doubt, and that’s okay. But nothing is good if done in excess. Yes, we should be careful about the people we trust, but not be so scared that we don’t trust anyone anymore.

Believe it or not, good people are out there, we just have to keep our hearts open just the right amount. 😀


Your secret is safe

Okay, the only reason I’m still posting here while my boards are going on is because I’ve recently learned that people who’ve told me the stories of their lives have also admitted to me that they’re scared by the fact that they’ve told me everything.

Here’s the thing.

I don’t go around telling the whole world what happened to you. Gossip is one thing, and sensitive matters are a whole different category of secrets.

I know how it feels like when you spill your guts to your stranger. It feels good for about an hour, and then the panic kicks in. I know, okay, I know how scary that can be. I’ve tried it. I’ve been where you’re at, that’s why I say how important it is to just say whatever you feel like to a person you know will keep your secret.

What will I get from telling people stories about your life? Why will I do something to others that I don’t want happening to myself? Come-freaking-on!

Whatever you’ve said to me in person, email, Facebook, or whatever is literally going to go with me. It’s never ever be spread out to other people.

As far as the fear of judging goes, I’m the last person in this big mad world who will judge you. Why? Because I’ve done more dumb stuff in my life than I care to remember.

So, the gossip part is out. The judging part is out.

Why the hell are you scared now?

I’m not carnivore. I’m not going to bite you if you tell me your problems (A few months back, I wouldn’t be so sure, but that’s irrelevant now)

If you’re reluctant to talk to me, then it’s your choice. I’m not going to hold you collar down or put you on gunpoint to tell me everything that’s happened to you!

But if you do decide to tell me, trust me on this, you have no reason to fear it afterwards. I’m not Charles Augustus Magnussen. I’m not going to blackmail you later in life in exchange for something.

So, I know most of you are going to read this.

Don’t be afraid. Fear is what’s going to take us down one day, it’s better we dump it first.