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It’s here….

Okay, this day is coming sooner than I’d expected. It’s what I’ve been dreading for the past year…

The C.B.S.E. Board Examinations 2014 are starting from 1st March. Mine will drag till 10th April…

Panic Level :Extreme
This exam will literally be the piece of paper which determines my future….


It’s here…!!! đŸ˜®


Nothing is more lame…

Nothing is more lame than writing a speech for your best friend’s wedding when your best friend is a teenager. No, no…Bhavini isn’t getting married. She doesn’t even have a boyfriend. She’s just one of those gooey romance struck teenage girls who like to plan every detail of their wedding since they’re old enough to dream about a wedding.

In this case, Bhavini wants an over the top wedding at Jal Bhawan, (which to be honest costs millions, and I don’t know how it’s ever going to come true, but what’s the harm in dreaming?) Her wedding is supposed to be a mix of Indo-Western culture. According to her, every ritual is to be done as it is, but she also wants a bachelorette party and a maid of honor speech at the reception.

Whenever she talks about her wedding, I sort of tune out. I don’t like romance and I don’t think about the time IF I get married. I like to live in the present and not worry about the future.

However, she decided that the both of us is going to write each other our maid of honor speeches. Now, I know she’s excited and everything for a thing that’s at least a decade away, but I don’t get why we’re writing it now, when the both of us are single. I mean, what kind of a demand is that?

Regardless of the stupidity of that demand, she means everything to me, so I wrote her a speech. I’m still waiting for her speech, so when she does give it to me, I’m thinking of posting it here. Word to word, no edition, I promise.