Monthly Archives: July 2016


 Do you believe in them? Do you believe that there’s one extraordinary incident that happens to us while we need it the most? Or do you think a miracle is something humans made up to keep the Hope within us alive? Me? Yes, I believe in miracles. 

I think we all get one. One miracle. We all get one miracle in the duration of our entire lifetime. Edison’s was that the bulb lit up. Newton’s was that the entire Cambridge university was shut down because of plague, which gave him time to give name a phenomenon “Gravity”

Some keep waiting for their miracle, while some are convinced that theirs will never arrive. Some are in between their miracles as we speak and some have no idea that what life threw their way was a miracle.

One thing that goes perfectly with a miracle is Hope. Haven’t you ever wondered how the whole concept of Hope is cruelly beautiful? We can’t know for sure what will happen, but some part us is sure that the events will turn in our favor. There’s this voice in our head which advices us to think that good will happen. That voice doesn’t listen to people, logic, reason, or anything else than the deepest part of our mind which knows what we truly want, even when we’re scared to admit it.

So, when we Hope and then the events unfold and cause our desirable events, we call it a miracle. When they don’t…we call it a tragedy.

But even after all this, I believe that Miracles do exist. And they do happen. But all we need to do is hope. Because let’s face it, without hope we’re just overly evolved monkeys who can talk. Why don’t we believe in them more? What happened to us? I’m very much convinced that as long as I have hope, I’ll have my miracle.

So wait. Wait for your miracle. Because everyone does get one, and no one’s an exception.