If I close my eyes right now, you’re so close to me that I can touch my skin to yours.

I breathe you in and your scent sends jolts of electricity throughout my body, making my mouth water and covering me in goosebumps.

You haven’t even touched me yet and I can hardly breathe. You haven’t even lifted a finger yet and my heart beats a tattoo against my chest and right in that moment I know I belong to you; body and soul.

I look at your mouth and it has never looked better than when it’s  almost about to collide with mine.


You are my sin.

You are my downfall.

You’ll be my death.

One look  in my direction and I forget my religion.

One hand in my hair and I lose all my inhibitions. 

I have always been a sinner but no sin has ever felt as good as the one we haven’t even committed yet. 

You might not be the one for me, but you’re sure as hell the one that I want. I want to be putty in your hands. I want to be your soldier. I want to be your peace.

Your love may never be mine but it’ll never forget the way my body felt beneath it.

You may not love me; not today, not tomorrow, and even not ten years from now. It doesn’t matter to me. I love you and that’s enough for me.

I might not survive you; but maybe I wouldn’t want to.

You might not love me but I wouldn’t know how to love without you.

So for now, let’s just sin together. I’ll take on yours, too.

Let’s be unholy under the stars.

I’ve never had any virtue, anyway.

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