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Extended version…

Maybe if you’re lucky, the luckiest person in the world, the person you love will love you back.

That’s not the whole thing.

Maybe if life hates you, hates you to the core, you’ll watch the person you love fall out of love with you.


She’s fierce, you know.

She’s a wind that never stops. A wanderer, an adventurer, a seeker…always restless. She can’t stop. She can’t settle down. Imagine a butterfly. How it can’t stay on one flower for long. The very same way, she can’t be at the same pace.There’s no moderation. There only exist extremes. She’s never heard of balance. She’s either at the 7th sky, or she’s buried herself 6 feet below the ground.


People around her think they can tame her, hold her down, teach her how not to be reckless. They don’t understand. They can’t think big enough. They can’t fathom the speed she functions at. Those people don’t matter. Those who matter, they know. They know of the hell she’s been through and the heaven she dreams of. She’s anything and everything. A calm sea, as well as a hurricane. An angel who knows just how and when to be demonic. She contains a fire that’s hard to control. It’s found a home in her.

She isn’t normal. Of course not. Who is? She reads the rules, just to see how many she can break. She’s in love with herself. She does fall down, but god knows how bright her smile is when she stands right back up.

Her heart races uncontrollably whenever she sees something she wants. Her blood rushes through her veins. It’s like she can’t breathe until she has what she wants. And when she grabs it, her smile could put a million stars to shame.  She swirls with joy. She cries rivers. When she laughs, you can hear it through the mountains.


If you’re lucky enough to meet her, try not to loose her. But if she does leave you, you’ll finally understand why storms are named after people.

She’s crazy, yes.

But aren’t all the best people?

Photo credits: Sanjana Dawani.

If you’re in your right mind, you will visit her page. 🙂