Monthly Archives: July 2014

State of mind

I was reading my previous posts. I’m really embarrassed by some of them but I don’t remove them because that’s the person I was when I wrote them.
I don’t miss that person, but I don’t want to forget her either.
I’ve noticed on thing… And it’s that happiness, it’s not a place. You don’t have to go anywhere to be happy. You don’t have to wait for it to come.
It’s just something you are… When were content with our surroundings.
One moment were happy and the other we’re pissed. One day we’re half in love with that person and two days later…we can’t even stand them. That’s just our mind.
Happiness is nothing but a trick our mind plays on us, just like sadness and grief and whatever.
I was happy two days back, and today I wasn’t. It’s going to happen again. One day I’ll be crying buckets and the next I’ll laugh like a freaking bear.
Life’s a mess one day and within a few hours we have hope. We’re lonely one day and surrounded by love the other.
Let’s talk about that really amazing guy who’s an asshole…I couldn’t get enough of talking to him few days ago…and then I was like “do you ever just not talk??!”
He’s really started to piss me off… I couldn’t even imagine another hour of his self praise and telling me what I can’t and can’t do… Just shut the fuck up, already!
Then again…the cycle rotated and today I’m backing him up again.
The point is that we can’t be a single person all the time. We can’t expect people to react the same either. I mean if he makes me wanna pull my hair out at times, then damn it, he must have the same reaction to me at times.
That’s just how it is. But we cope up with each other because we know that we have only a few people who actually understand us,and neither of us wants to reduce the number by one.
You guys, I really wanted to post our pics making funny faces when we went to McD … But the plan got delayed and now we’ll go out again on Saturday so…hopefully I’ll look.presentable in them.
So…for now, stay happy 🙂