Monthly Archives: March 2015

One liner? Maybe not.

I don’t think he loves me.
“Then why do you let him touch you?”
Because if he doesn’t now, maybe then he will.


Maybe one day.

Maybe one day, we’ll stop. Maybe on day, we’ll finally be happy. Maybe one day, we’ll be just a little selfish. One day, we’ll be bad.

One day, we’ll stop crossing oceans for the people who wouldn’t even jump in a puddle with us. Maybe one day, something good will come our way. Maybe one day, we’ll be appreciated. Maybe one day, someone won’t take us for granted. Maybe one day, someone will put us first, even before themselves. Maybe one day, being good all this time will pay off. Hope. Hope that there’s still good left. Hope, beyond all reasons not to.

Maybe that day will come soon. Maybe it won’t. Doesn’t it scare you? To know that things might never change? Doesn’t it send a shock in your spine to think that there’s nothing better coming your way? Still, we hope.
Because as the little speck of dust in the galaxy, that’s all we can do.