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There’s a sky full of stars above my head right now. There’s hundreds of billions of galaxies right there over me. There are a thousand billion years ahead of me. There is also a part of those stars inside of me. I am made from them and they are from me, yet everything is etched with your name.
I am nothing but energy trapped in a meatsuit. It’s amazing how every atom of being is just trying to find you.
You’re what flows in my veins.
You’re a part of me, and it doesn’t matter that I’m not yours. Because don’t you know? “We loved with a love which was more than love.”


At least tonight.

Fix your drunken eyes on me,

kiss me like you need to breathe

if not forever then.

at least tonight.

Tell me I’m your one and only,

and you’ll always be mine

it’s a lie but mean it,

at least tonight.

Don’t turn on the lights,

I’ll give you what you want

don’t be scared,

at least tonight.

Slightly broken is all you need,

And we’re shattered to pieces

I’ve got a cure,

at least for tonight.

Let the empty bottles rumble,

let them make a distant noise

forget about them,

at least tonight.

I’ll give you what you like,

then I’ll want to forget,

but no, not tonight.

I’m in over my head, let me dream

at least for tonight.

It’s just the start of the morning,

stay with me, smoke one more cigarette,

don’t let them burn out,

at least not tonight.

I’ll come out from behind that curtain,

and give you what you need,

but watch me in the dim light,

at least tonight.

Give me what I want,

and look into my eyes,

say that you love me, but don’t lie,

not tonight.


The picture is, again, by Sanjana Dawani. Check her pages out at Facebook and Flickr!