A little hypocrisy? 

I don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to judging anyone. I’m the third most horrible person I know.  So basically, not a lot of things bother me about other people. They can do whatever they want to do. I honestly don’t care. I’m no one to tell anyone else how to live their lives so usually I maintain my safe distance from crap like this.

But today I would like to talk about sex.

 I don’t have any “superstitions” related to sex. I couldn’t care less about this whole “You’ll go to hell if you have sex without getting married” thing. If I’m going to hell, trust me it’s because I’ve done a lot of things wrong and this would be the last reason I get sent to hell. Funnily enough, I read a quote that said “Loose your virginity early in life. It helps you focus on bigger things.” I have never read anything as true in my life. I’m not saying do it as soon as possible. No, do it whenever you actually want to. But in the end, your “virginity” doesn’t define you. Have sex if you want to, don’t have sex if you don’t want to. It really is as simple as that. 

 I don’t care about who’s having sex with whom.  It’s completely absolutely their business. I’m not in charge of their bodies or who they decide to share it with. Also, when it comes to sex, people will do what they want to do. You can advice them not to do something but in the end they’ll do what they want. So I don’t waste my breath trying to tell anyone what to do, because in the end it’s not me they’re affecting. 

But I’m a little worried on two specific fronts. 

The first one is more scientific and the other one is a little towards the mental status of the society I live in.

So the first thing I’m worried about is people not using protection. Like what the fuck is up with that? Are you that keen on getting some STD or becoming a parent that early in life? Dude, it is seriously not okay to skip this. Now, I’m worried because I don’t have to sleep with anyone in order to catch an STD. This affects me, and everyone else around you. You’re not just putting yourself and your partner at risk, but everyone you hang out with. Like, what if we share lipstick? Or I use the washroom at your place? Not just me, but literally everyone around you. What’s the fun in that, man? It’s disgusting. Even if you’re on birth control, what if your partner caught it from someone else after you both got checked? And talking about birth control, it can fail too, you know. Everything can fail. You could end up pregnant. Obviously this doesn’t apply to you if you’re legit trying to reproduce. I’m talking about people who are, are (give or take five years) my age.  I hear all these girls having sex without protection and then they miss their periods. Every time this happens, my blood pressure goes up.  (I get so worried that I have to remind myself that it’s not happening to me and that I couldn’t possibly be pregnant.) Like what were you doing man what kind of an idiot are you that you decided to have sex without protection? If your partner “suggested” this then he’s an idiot and you’re also one for listening to him and you both belong together. Then the next step becomes either an abortion or some such kit that’s available. Now, I’ve been told that if you abort your first fetus then it becomes nearly impossible to conceive. I’m not really sure about this because it’s something I’ve heard from other girls. Could be false but do you really want to take the risk? It’s really simple. If you’re having sex, use protection.

The second thing that really pisses me off is dudes bragging about who they’ve had sex with. In all fairness, girls do this too. Probably in much more details than guys do. A whole committee sits down to hear what the girl has to say. Do they spill too much information? Yes. But do they brag? No. It’s really not the same thing because we don’t start thinking that the dude our friend had sex with is a slut. Guys, on the other hand, not so much. I mean, yeah I could be wrong and you have the best friends on the planet, but I’m speaking about what I’ve heard. My own so-called “friends” have bragged about sleeping with someone, or getting to third base with someone. It’s gross on all levels and it’s so not cool. While I’m being told these things some poor girl’s trust is being broken. In my opinion, no one should talk about what they do in private to a third person. It’s as personal as it gets. Why do you have to parade the fact that you got laid? If only the two people talked to each other about these things, then they wouldn’t have problems. 

This situation also includes these so called “Friends with Benefits.” Half the people don’t know the difference between this and a person you just have sex with. You have to actually be someone’s friend and act like it to be considered under the former category. The latter I don’t support that much. I mean,  I personally wouldn’t like to be in that situation. Again, it’s not my life so, do whatever you want. 

Know when someone is your friend and when someone is just taking advantage of the fact that you’ll not say no. Your mental health comes way, way before your libido. In the end, if you’re okay with it then it really doesn’t matter what anyone say. (This doesn’t include spreading STDs to everyone you know.)

Also, listen to your gut.


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