Monthly Archives: April 2016

I’m happy?

(Just so you know, I’m feelin’ extra weird today)

(Also Pillow Talk is playing while I type this out, so excuse if I sound like I’m in the mood. It’s Zyan’s voice that’s bringing all the hormones back from the dead. And my imagination, of course)

(Now you understand the part about extra weird, right?)

I swear to God I haven’t been this happy in months. Literally like oh my gaaaawwdd. So what happened was that a package that I’d been waiting for a long time finally came today. (Not that package, you perverts. My mother would throw me out of the house) To give out a little more information than necessary, let me tell you in excruciating details about the package that came.

My sister moved to Poland this past October, and if everything works out like planned I’ll be going to her in June and she’ll be coming back home with me. Anyhoo, most of the things that I want, I can’t get them here. I don’t have the time to go all the way to Delhi or Mumbai in this skin-melting heat and still have a chance of not getting what I want. I wanted a couple of things from NARS, Chanel and Anastasia and some more things. I also wanted the Victoria’s secret bombshell bra. Now, I’d already told a friend of mine living in Delhi to get me this, but I guess she forgot, or she didn’t get it, something like that. So I told my sister to get it for me. Now it’s really awkward telling your sister, who’s 8 years older than you, that your bra size is huge-er than her. (See see see, I’m grossing you out already) I don’t really need the bombshell bra, because me wearing a push up bra is like… water over the bridge or something? I don’t know, bro. I’m bad at explaining shit. But I still wanted it because…I don’t know that either. I just wanted it. When my sister went to buy it, they didn’t have my size in stock (My luck, you know) So two weeks ago, she finally found it. Then, she went on a full on shopping spree for me. She literally got me everything I wanted. She even managed to get me the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita. I probably don’t love anyone as much as I love my sister right now.

Also today, in one of my LSAT UK mocks, I crossed 150 and I’ve been chirpier than usual ever since. When I went into the office today Preksha saw me smiling and she actually thought this moment was worth recording because apparently I don’t seem to be happy that often. Well, whatever.

I was wearing my Chanel pirate lipstick today, so Preksha was like “You’re kissing someone today, spill it.”

I made a face at her and said, “No way in hell I’m kissing a guy wearing this lipstick. I’d die if I ever saw this smeared.” I can do whatever the hell I want with liquid lipsticks, because that shit doesn’t move for hours but this one does. And I cannot stand this beautiful color be anywhere else other than my lips. I’d die.

I have no idea when I turned into this materialist snob, I guess I’m not but still. There used to be a time when these things didn’t mean anything to me and now they’re legit the only thing that give me happiness.
Hell, I’m grateful for that, too.