Okay, so I installed the Whisper App a few months back. You see, I feed on information and it doesn’t matter who I’m getting it through or how. I like knowing things. And this App was an awesome way to do that. And the anonymity of the users keeps you on the edge.
I hardly ever post, in fact I’ve posted there only 4 times and even those were in the moment things,the most recent one today evening.
Anyway, so this app was fun for me. I got to read a lot of funny things  a lot of tragedies, a lot of celebrations and a hell lot of creepy whispers.
I don’t have a very good social life. I hang out with like three people IF and WHEN I get the time, because you see, I choose to be a (almost)  nineteen year old who earns in 5 figures (And then spend it on Sephora, Mac and Absolute) I work more hours in a day than my parents combined. Granted, I don’t go to college as regularly as I should but to be honest that place is a joke. So you see, I make up for having no real social life by reading posts on Whisper and Instagram. These are the only two Apps that I actually use in my phone.
Anyway, getting back at the Whisper App, the following are the most funny Whispers I found today while I should have been was working. (Yes I took screenshots, and you can’t judge me)





If you’re laughing, welcome and if you’re not then whatever 😛
Like I mentioned above, one of my 4 Whispers were sent out today. It was just a horrible, horrible feeling and I really had to get it out. ( But since I’ve managed to fuck up all my human relations my only choice was to Whisper it).  I guess about 10 minutes later, I got a private message on Whisper’s chat section. Now, I avoid that thing completely. I hardly ever reply to anyone and mainly those replies consists of me trying to explain my username to them. Because it’s awesome and totally un-understood by people who aren’t… well, him.
When I opened that message I didn’t quite catch the username. When I did, I face-palmed so bad. Like so so so bad. Against my better judgement, I decided to have the following conversation.

Above this is the Whisper that I sent out. Sad, I know right?


Did you see that username??!! I mean, seriously? Dafaq.
I’ve seen creepy. I’ve handled creepy everywhere. But one thing that really pissed me off was the fact that…people are looking for a way to hook up everywhere. If I were one of the people who developed this app, I’d grief about the fact that people are using this app to find people to date or hook up with. This isn’t the place. Instagram isn’t the place. In fact, to be creepy like this, there isn’t a place. There’s a difference between being single and being available. That difference is huge. I am not available. I will never be available. But just because I’m single doesn’t mean that you can ask me to sleep with you for a pair of Givenchy heels. If I want those, I’m well capable of buying them myself. I don’t need to sleep with anyone in order to get those. I don’t need to degrade myself in any way to get a materialised life. If I want it, I can get it myself. It would’ve been a whole different story if I wanted to date people for their money. I’d be typing this post out of a hell lot of more expensive device than the one I’m currently using. Hell, my selfies would turn out better if that’s all that I wanted in my life.
You can call me a lot of things but being a gold digger isn’t one of them. Do I like money? Yes. But do I like anybody else’s money? Nuh uh. I’m not a trophy girlfriend, I’m not someone’s arm candy, and I’m definitely not someone you can buy with a pair of heels. I like the money that I make. The money that I’ve earned. Because then when I spend it, on myself or others, that gives me satisfaction.
I just want to end this rant by saying that this creepiness needs to stop. Everyone, be it guys or girls, need to stop laying crap like this online. I’m tired of it, and I’m sure other people are too.


3 thoughts on “Creepy

  1. I see how the world is abusing communication technology of late. Trolls everywhere.
    But please, don’t give up on dating altogether. You are far too young for that- my two bit advice to you 🙂 Though, no relationship is better than stupid relationship…

    1. You know, the minute I posted this, I got another message which just put all this creepy to shame. I don’t know what people seek. I could be a serial killer for all they know 😛

      1. Haha… You could be, and a very elegant one, if I might add 😉
        But that apart, don’t let lesser experiences demoralise you. In the long run this is one skill which will keep you afloat… 🙂

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