Monthly Archives: December 2015

Saddest realisations

I’d found God.
I didn’t find him where the oceans end,
I didn’t find him where the skies stop.
I didn’t find him where storms are made
I didn’t find him where fires fade.
He wasn’t in the nature, hidden amongst the wild
But I found God,
I found him between two arms.


Not at the bottom of glasses brimmed with alcohol
Neither in the smokes of my unending cigarettes
Nor in the perpetual highs I seeked.
I found god,
I found him in someone’s heartbeat.

I had God,
But I didn’t meet him in the highest of heavens
He didn’t punish me in the deepest of hells.
He didn’t hear me when I was stuck on between.
I did not find him in revenge.
I did not see him in hate
I saw him in forgiveness,
I felt him in fate.


I’d found my god
I held him in my arms
I had God.
I had him in a lover.

*Pictures as usual by Sanjana Dawani, because she’s awesome and you guys should seriously check her page out on instagram, Facebook and Flickr.