If not, then?

Tell me how to get rid of you
Tell me how to forget you
Tell me how to erase your touch
Tell me how to forget your face
Tell me how to stop hearing your voice
Tell me how to stop smelling your skin
If not, then tell me you’ll love me again.


Be cruel to me
Be a fool for me
Be my villain and then my hero
Be my pillar and my earthquake
Be my one and only, then make room for the next
Be my everything and leave me with nothing
Be my exposure and be my cover
Be my destruction and my lover
If not, then just tell me you’ll love me again


Look at us, bent to the point of breaking
Look at us, strangers with memories
Look at us, barely even alive
Look at us, in our own mess we’re drowning
Look at us now,
And look at us before.
Tell me now, can you love me again?
If not, then….


2 thoughts on “If not, then?

  1. You have gone on to another level. Do you understand the concept of pen-names? There is this site I was regular at poemhunter.com or something like that. They have a lot of amateur poets, who give genuine feedback- without knowing your identity. I quite like the concept, because whether one wants to or not, there is always an element of bias: I might be so as well. You being someone I know for sometime, being Indian, being law student and so on and so forth. The point is, when one is writing a poem, these pseudo-bits of indentity should not come in the way of genuine reviews. Do give a thought about the pen-names.

    I quite like the last few poems of yours. Very strong emotions.Challenging, much like the last one.

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