The day.

So, two of my friends turn 18 today. Both very close, and both irreplaceable.
One,I’ve know my whole life. The other I’ve known for not even a whole year.
It’s not going to be a birthday post. I won’t tell you how we met because, I don’t remember when I met Radhika, and I don’t wanna go back to when I first came to know Palash.
That doesn’t matter, does it? That was before, and before isn’t now. Only now is relevant. Rest is either already happened or won’t ever happen.
Being born on the same day, one would expect them to be a little similar. However, both of them are poles apart. One is a kid, the other grew up before time. One is somewhat delusional, the other lives in strict reality. One is always dreaming big, the other is always trying to keep up with life. One is epically funny, and the other makes jokes which are the definition of dassna 😛
I’ve known one for literally my whole life. And became friends with the other through a really long, and inconceivable chain of friends. Seriously, how did we end up friends? How?
Anyways, despite of their differences , their flaws, their habit to awaken the serial killer within me… I love them.
And I hope they never change. I mean one really needs to, but I don’t mind the present version either 😝
I hope everything works out for these two in life. They deserve the good things, but I also hope that they can face the bad things.
Happy birthday 🙂


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