I know the title is like…deep and stuff but the post isn’t. The thing is that it’s midnight and I’m writing this post. I have been on a unique kind of high all day. It’s just that…this has been the most incredible day ever. I’m in love with this day.
For one, I found the poems I wrote a few months back and I realized that I’m good. Not being cocky….just saying. I actually said that myself… Niddhi, you’re good at this.
After praising myself I realized that how amazingly I could write a poem about being in love…without actually being in love.
Second, I went back to school, and in all of my years I hadn’t once felt nearly as important as I did today. I mean, I lit the lamp….how bloody cool is that?! I was in shock at first because I thought everyone was called, but I had my name on that special list…and goddammit it, I felt happier than I’d ever before. All that worry about wasting a year went away when the ex principal of my school…who interviewed me when I was 6 remembered me. She actually remembered me! No one had ever done that before. She said “oh my god,  Niddhi,  you’ve grown up so fast. I’m so proud of you” and bloody hell, I broke down in front of her. I was over the moon when she talked to me privately and told me that don’t worry about the people who got things on a platter,  because they never make a better person than those who work hard.
Thirdly, tonight when I was texting, I found out that I’m in demand 😛
Apparently, now that school’s over forever,  everyone thinks this is time to finally be in a relationship. And since I’m one of the endangered species of single girls, everyone is grabbing what they can get, and wow, now I realize how wrong that sounds, sorry. 😛
You know what I mean, right?  Like everyone is so scared of being alone that they’re settling for less. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be with a guy who can’t spell mordor, who can’t understand harry Potter, LOTR, supernatural and sherlock references. I know it sounds shallow, but that’s just how it is. Sorry :-/
Whatever,  so today has been literally the beat day of my life and it just feels so fantastic that I don’t.mind using the word fantastic 😛
Anyways, I’m going to drop any second now, so better publish this thing 😀


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