Not what you think, promise.

Soo…a few months back, I came across this guy. He was (yes, he was)Bhavini’s friend. I’d heard a lot about him, but we never came across each other until a few months back.
The first time we talked, I called him an arrogant self obsessed idiot.
Bhavini had told me that he was a little bit over the edge and loved to turn everything into a competition. I just thought she was exaggerating. Little did I know how right she was.
I’ve met my share of sore loosers, but this guy was on a whole new level.
But when I came to know the reason behind why he was the way he was…I felt so small.
I apologized to him, which is not something I do often because I’m hardly ever wrong. Not being cocky, merely stating facts.
Again, back to this guy, he said to me that if you feek sorry for me and that’s why you apologized, then please leave. If you really mean that you’re sorry, only then can we act civilized around each other.
I told him that he was an ass to me, but I wasn’t exactly polite, either. So we decided that we’d just start fresh.
And we did.
I’d never been so right and so wrong about one person at once.
He was an arrogant asshole, but he had the right to be one. He is one of those people who are utterly genius, but somehow lack the grace to not call themselves a genius. He’s a genius and he knows that.
Anyways, because the project I’d been working on for the last two years, it’s only a few weeks away from being completed. When I told him this, he gave some of the best ideas I’d ever heard about promotions. He was like the male Olivia Pope. He blew my mind away by his ideas, and I had to praise him, even if it meant catering to his already monstrous ego.
He impressed me enough with his ideas to officially hire him for promotions.
He is by far the most arrogant, self obsessed, brilliant, strategic, and hottest guy I’ve ever come across. Not to mention the best jaw ever 😉
The worst part is, he knows all this. He knows that he is extraordinary, and doesn’t leave a chance to show it to others.
The reason I’m saying all this isn’t because everytime I receive his texts my toes curl in the best way possible (just kidding :-P)
It’s because I was ignorant enough to think that I’d met all kinds of people. Bad, good, ambitious, lame, sticky, boring, exciting… I’ve now learnt that you haven’t met all kinds of people unless you’ve met one who is all of them at once.
Maybe that’s just me.


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