Truth in a nutshell.


Log kya kahenge… Meaning what will other people say.
We care too much about what will others say, or think about us. Some of us have a hard time accepting the fact that you can’t please everyone. It’s human nature to be adverse to some people. We can’t spend this too short of a lifetime pleasing others.
People will talk, because that’s what people do!  They talk, they speculate,  they bitch about us behind our backs, they spread rumours, they make shit up…they’ll not stop because that’s what they do and no one can stop them.
We are a part of it, whether we like it or not. If the world’s a circus, then we’re a part of it.
Let’s get real… If someone different came to you and told you about what they think, and what they had to say wasn’t up to your comfort zone… You’d call them crazy. You’d warn others about him too.
So we can blame society all we want, but in the end, we shouldn’t forget that we’re society.
To bring a change, be the change.


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