It goes away..

Okay, so obviously all of us have had crushes which had nothing to do with the person, just their exterior shell.
It’s like…BAM!!  You like them, just because they’re pretty.
Then when you talk, you feel that the difference between you both cannot be met but yet we keep talking to them because there’s hope that they’ll change. Hope that you’ll be able to change them, but nothing happens.
Sometimes, that person opens their mouth and the exterior melts away.
What comes out of their mouth is utter…nonsense. (I was about to use a bad word,  but I’ll get scolded over it so let’s just leave it)
I don’t get such homo sapien tendencies. Why stick with a person you can’t stand?
I seriously think it’s time we started looking past the faves of people. Not everyone who looks good is a good person and not everyone who looks bad is a serial killer.
I feel like the doom of mankind will come when there is no value of intelligence and imagination in a person and all that matters is how they look like.
RIP common sense.


2 thoughts on “It goes away..

  1. One of my dear friends from blog advised me this: STOP thinking that you can change anything about the person when you are getting into a relationship đŸ™‚

    I find that I made this mistake over and over in every single… relationshit :)… I got myself into. It takes too much will on part of the person concerned to change even a bit. And only the exceptional few can do it. Sad thing is , everyone thinks they are exceptional đŸ˜‰

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