Not worth it

So…ahem, anyone who said that heartbreak is worth the experience… It’s not.

Nothing, like, NOTHING, is worth the pain (Or anger, in my case).

Nothing serious, okay? I just…I thought I was above all that teenage drama and stupid crushes and relationships or whatever….but as it turns out, I’m a normal teenager.

I just don’t like it. It’s upsets me, but doesn’t hurt. It’s mostly anger, and it’s completely screwing with what I thought of myself.

Just saying, not worth it.

Thank god for ice cream with melted chocolate. Now, that’s worth getting fat 😛



4 thoughts on “Not worth it

  1. Girte hain ghudsavaar hi maidaan-e-jung mein,
    Wo kya khaak girenge jo ghutno ke bal chalaa karte hain 🙂
    Recited my history teacher from high school. You have so much to see and there will always be something or the other this. Live it up. You will become a better person.
    Whats the plan for vacation? I hope you are travelling because that is what I didn’t do. Wasted a lot of time in studies 😦

    1. Wow, I’d never heard that one before 🙂
      And yes, I’m travelling to Amritsar and Delhi in June, most probably. 12 saal padh liye, ab humse na ho paega 😛

      1. I don’t know if you are aware but there is a Kesar Dhaaba- around Golden Temple. We went there after much research. Never had food even remotely that good since then 🙂

        Delhi is hot as …well… no cuss words else bachcho par galat asar padta hai 🙂 Delhi mein you can visit Ghalib ka ghar, if thats your thing. Abhi recently waha gaya tha and it was fascinating 🙂

      2. I’ve heard a lot about Ghalib ka ghar, and when I finally got to it last year, it was a Monday and it was closed 😦
        And yeah, I’m into these things big time. When everyone is busy taking photos of themselves, I’m the weird kid who moves around the historical premises, touching walls, looking into details and all.
        And thanks for telling the place to eat, surely will go there. Amritsar jaane ka adha maksad hi khana h 😛

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