Monthly Archives: April 2014


Do you ever get those kinds of high where you just want to dance without music…sing on the top of your lungs especially because you can’t sing….jump up and down on the bed…do you get that urge?

Well, I’m getting that urge right now. Might be because my dream is this close to coming true. I’m not going to say what it is because I don’t want to jinx it, or boast about it. It might not happen, and mujhe meri popat nahi karani 😛

I’m just….you know, so damn freaking amazingly ecstatically happy..!! Like, woohooo…I might actually make it to where where I’ve always dreamed of being. It’s not about the money, which MIGHT come out of it. It’s never about the money, with me at least. I work for free even now. But this thing….it might actually bring me the recognition I’ve wanted.

But, like all things, this isn’t set in stone. It very much might blow up in my face. But like I read somewhere. “It’ll be a collision worth having.”




So, the good news is, my exams are technically over. Bad news is, technically is the key word. 😛

Anyways, a few days ago I asked the guy I wrote a post about, to come and do a guest post for me. I know my blog’s reach isn’t wide enough to actually have a guest post, but his view on everything is just so interesting! I never thought of things the way he does. So, the next time I post, it will be his words using my platform.

Till then, I just thought I might share this with you guys..

I loved her, and I had no excuse for it. I loved her against everything I believed in. I had no reason to love her, but I just did. Against reason, against logic, against that voice in my head, I loved her. So much that she made me doubt my sanity.


I don’t k now why, but it’s just stuck in my head.