When clothing leads to judging

As you probably know by now, I’m weird. I’m hardwired differently than what people my age mostly are. But in a lot of way, I’m just another teenager. You just need to look closely to realize that under all the jokes, the shouting, glossy lips, painted nails and batting eyes, there’s a really dark place, but that’s beside the point.

The points, people, of this post is my obsession with a black hoodie. It has been recently pointed out to me that some people might mistake me for a drug dealer or a serial killer if I keep wearing my hoodie. Now, I started wearing this hoodie in September. It rained heavily in my city till October, and I don’t like that kind of cold. In November, mostly at night, the winds were quite chilly. I’m a nocturnal creature, mostly. I stay awake at nights, and go lie on my roof. Sometimes, a few of my friends accompany me. But I always, always wear this hoodie. I don’t know why, but I’m in love with it, and it’s not even mine. It’s my brother’s and I stole it from him.

I’ve been going to the movies alone since August. I’ve overcome my fear of going anywhere alone since the last few months. The thing is that I like to be alone. I don’t mind company, but only for as long it’s not more than a couple of hours. Constant company suffocates me. I go to watch a movie alone, only when it’s a movie which I really want to see. That way, all the popcorn, nachos and coke is mine 😉 And a single person always get seats. Always.

Though, one time, my cousin caught me at the theater. She suspected I was there with a date, then she naturally came to her senses. Me? With a date? Yeah, right! She’s a bit fussy about fashion, you see. So when she saw that I was wearing the hoodie, with it’s hood over my head, she made a face and said, “Nidhi, you have got to stop wearing this thing. You look like a serial killer.” I ignored her comments about me, as I always do. 

Since the last few days, temperature in my city has really dropped. I don’t mind, I love winters. And because the sweater which is a part of my uniform is sleeveless, and it doesn’t actually block the winds. So, I started wearing my dear hoodie at school, too. At first, it was okay. Then, when I wore it for three straight days, and a girl in my school bus started making faces at me. I mean, I’m okay with that. I’m a weirdo, it’s no secret. But this specific girl, I have problems with her. She gives me that weird vibe, as if she’s about to scratch my face with her nails anytime. I’d like to see her try, though. She’s literally half my size. Keeping that aside, a few days ago, she got the nerve to ask me, “Didn’t your mother buy you any other jacket?”

You see, for me, that type of insult was…cute. It was an attempt to insult, let alone an insult that would even touch me. So I smiled at her (keeping my Art of Living manners in mind) and walked away. I could’ve replied with some smart-ass words which would’ve made her question who she was at the core…but I don’t do that sort of stuff anymore. I smiled, and I walked away. I was smiling, she was frowning, wondering where did she go wrong with that pathetic attempt of an insult. So, ultimately, I won.

In the end, it got me thinking, what was it to people if I wore a black hoodie all the time. I don’t mind looking like a weirdo. Hell, I don’t mind being one! Then what in god’s green earth is everyone’s problem with my damn hoodie? I’ll wear it in the scorching heat, if I like. Why the hell is it of matter to anyone else? Then it occurred to me that the girl was trying to bully me, like she does to others. (I mean, she couldn’t actually bully me, of course) It’s so damn easy to judge someone, isn’t it? You can say whatever the hell you want, and pretend like it doesn’t matter. It’s a blessing that bullies like that can’t hear other’s thoughts about them.

Peace is what’s the ultimate goal of human life, isn’t it? All of us crave for peace, happiness, and love. Then where is the need to judge other based on looks, the clothes they wear, their financial status? Take away everything from superficial nuts, and in the end who are they? Nobodies. That’s who a loser is, not someone whose looks aren’t like a freaking runway model. I wish I could just tell all the bullies in the world that saying mean things, physical abuse and mental abuse on weaker ones doesn’t make you strong. It makes you pathetic. So pathetic that your very humanity should be questioned. 

So, the next times, you feel the urge to judge someone, do it, but in you own bloody heads. Don’t go on around the whole town about what you think. No one trusts a gossip. And if someone bullies you, then just smile. It’s the best miracle in the world. Remember, bullies crave attention, and you don’t want to give them that satisfaction. So smile, and mean it, and walk away.

Peace out, for now.



4 thoughts on “When clothing leads to judging

  1. Abhi se you are going to the movies alone? Come on!
    Are you, by any chance, Tom Cruise fan? MI4 had him wearing a hood for quite some time. Didn’t someone point that out? 😀
    Don’t take others seriously. The system always wants to be at equillibrium, and its your duty to not let that happen 🙂

    1. As usual, you make a valid point. It’s never wise to ask the dog, “Why’re you barking?”
      And yes, I was called Mr Hunt for a week straight. Aur abhi se matlab? Main kisi ko bolun ki mujhe Wolf of Wallstreet dekhni hai to koi manta hi nhi hai…so I go alone! More food for me that way…;)

      1. Thoreau said, “I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude”, but I would like to add a clause to that. You should seek to be with people in the begining. See if it works, and if it doesn’t there is always this 🙂 The point is we must be an open system.What do you think about that?

      2. Of course it should be an open system. Thoreau couldn’t be more right 🙂 And there shouldn’t be any obligations to stick with someone, just because you feel you owe them something. But yes, everything is worth a try..

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