I might’ve rambled in the previous posts about how I’ve always lost friends. I’ve cried, and whined, and quite frankly, I’ve been a cry-baby about it. I mean, quite frankly, when I read those posts, I remind myself of the person I’ve always avoided being. I mean, seriously, I was like, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have any self worth whatsoever?!”

Then, a very wise man’s words came in front of my eyes “You are young and will go on to meet new people. Better people. People who value who you truly are. They won’t be many, but then thats ok right? You must believe.”

I took his advice and I believed. I believed in having hope. I mean, at first, being optimistic sucked. Every day was like I was gong into a battlefield, hoping to win. Sometimes I did, and sometimes I lost. There were more good days than bad ones.

Finally, I think I have the group of people I want to surround myself with. I’ve been contacted by friends which I thought I’ve lost. It was out of the blue, and there were issues to be solved. Regardless, I found people who loved me for who I am, no changes, no corrections and no grudges. I found a whole lot of people who wanted me back into their lives. I made some new ones, too.

I realized that loosing fake friends isn’t exactly my loss. It’s my gain, in fact. I didn’t need them. I moved on, I knew that I deserved better than to be discarded as unimportant. I am important, and now, I know it.

So, here’s to a new year, with new friends, and a brand new life! I can’t believe that in June’14, I’ll be in college! In my eyes, I’m still a kid who has no idea how to do laundry! I’ll officially be a grown up, and I’ll turn 18! Can’t wait for that to day to come. High School will finally be over, and all that drama can be put aside. I’ll be starting with a clean slate, with a group of people supporting me who have nothing apart from love for me.

In all this craziness, in the past few months, I’m really glad that you guys have been here to support me. I wish nothing but the best for you this new year…

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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