Asking Questions…

I’m a part of my colony’s Teenager’s club. It’s way, way lamer than it sounds. I have to go once in a while because my grandma tells me to. There’s no real sharing among kids. They don’t talk about their life, schools, colleges, tensions…nothing. It’s like a big fish market most of the time. Guys check out girls and girls give them things to check out.

It’s super lame and super weird. Yet, everyone shows their faces because their parents tell them to. We had absolutely no adult to guide us through this whole hour of stupidity. This was unless my therapist came back around November-end from Moscow, just for a few days. He’s a genius who can sometimes irritate the hell out of you. He’s distantly related to me, so he’s more like an older brother than a therapist. He’s looked out of me before, when I was too deviated from the person I am.

So, he came to that meeting one day and distributed these papers to us. It had 20 questions printed on it. There were 16 of us in that room. My friend wasn’t able to come because of a wedding, so I was alone there. Here are my answers to those questions.

Q1. Do you love yourself? I do now.

Q2. Do you love your family? Most of the time.

Q3. How many Facebook friends do you have? 90 something.

Q4. Are you interested in gossip? of course I am. I’m a girl!

Q5. What was the last movie you watched at you home? Thor:The dark world.

Q6. What are your top 5 favorite songs?Love the way you lie-Eminem, Bad things-Meiko, Breathless-Shankar Mahadevan, Royals-Lorde, Iktara-Kavita Seth.

Q7. Do you read a lot of books? A lot might be an understatement.

Q8. Who is your favorite author? F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Q9. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes, yes I do.

Q10. Who is that someone? (Vague answers accepted) Your (My therapist’s) younger brother. 

Q11. Which was the last YouTube video you watched? Imagine Dragons-Demons.

Q12. Are you a planner? Yep! Got the next ten years of my life organized in my head.

Q13.Do you follow those plans? Hardly.

Q14. Do you find yourself attractive? No, I find myself the definition of a dork.

Q15. Do you think you’re fat? Hell, yeah.

Q16. What is your favorite TV show? Two Broke Girls and Friends. They’re freaking hilarious.

Q17. Do you hate the people who have left you over the years? No, I don’t hate-hate them. 

Q18. How do you feel when you see those people? I feel like I should run the hell out of there. I do NOT like seeing those people.

Q19.Do you hate someone in this room? Yes, I do.

Q20. Are you willing to change that?

This last question left me thinking. Was I willing to change that? I mean, I only hated them because they never behaved properly towards me. They left me out of the group and made me feel unwanted. That was 10 years ago. So, were they different now? I judged them because of something they did 10 years ago. Then it hit me that who the hell was I to judge? I’d done some pretty questionable things myself. If I’m forgive-able, then why aren’t they?

My therapist took our papers back within 10 minutes and my lest question went unanswered. He told us to share any 2 questions and their answers with each other. Some shared their songs, movies, videos with each other. Mostly, their second answers were to the last questions. Out of 16, 9 people answered that question and said that yes, they were willing to work towards not hating everyone in that place. I answered that question aloud, too. Yes, I am willing to change my feelings, but only if the other party co-operates. So, now I have a movie-date set to go with two girls I hate most in the world, but now, I’m willing to change that and so are they.

After this deep discussion, we all discussed the elections in Delhi, where Arving Kejriwal is set to sit in the opposition. 



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