Monthly Archives: November 2013

Digging Deeper

I know that I should probably explain why I haven’t been blogging for more than two months now. But that is going to be a sad, sad post. The headline, however, is that for the first time in my life, I’ve been acting like a normal teenage girl. I’ve been acting my age and I freaking LOVE IT! Of course, my dad and I still don’t get along that well, but at least now, he’s trying. We’re both trying, actually.

I didn’t notice how much I was missing out on, by being an over-matured teenager. As soon as I started on focusing on the things that I should be doing, it was like there was a bubble around me that broke. I feel completely normal, relaxed and happy now. Now, I’ve decided to torture you all with the details of my new-found teenager-ness.

– I never really understood the meaning of Retail Therapy, until now. I LOVE shopping now. I never knew that buying stuff for myself would make me feel better. It does! It so does! And I love it!

– A few of my teachers read this, but I guess they’ll be okay with it when I say that there’s a whole different kind of fun in standing outside the class as a punishment, because you came late from lunch. I love that, too! Me and my friends just sat outside the class as if we were sitting in a damn park. I had the time of my life that day.

– I love dancing. During a night stay at school, me and my two other friends danced for five hours straight. The DJ was amazing and the whole batch was just dancing around, because this was the last time this would ever happen. I’m in 12th grade, and it’s the last year of my schooling. I want to live it as much as I can.

– Okay, here’s an embarrassing one. I think that I like someone. For the first time in my life, I have a crush on someone. Dear Teachers, I assure you that it’s a purely distant thing. I haven’t even talked to him ever in my life. But whenever I do see him, I have that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and I just turn scarlet all over my face. I even make that weird “oooooo” noise. 

-I’m a girl, and as a side effect, I always had that inkling to dress up on festivals. Now, when I actually did that on Diwali(The biggest festival in Hinduism) I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like, “Holy mother of God!” I couldn’t even recognize myself.The person looking back was…hot! (Yeah, I’m being cocky. Sue me.) I wore heels and a Traditional Salwar suit. I wore mascara and eyeliner and even Lip gloss. It was fun while it lasted.

Bottom line, I’m loving being a normal teenager who likes shopping, boys, clothes, shoes and talks about hair and stuf like that with her friends. I love my life right now. I have just the right friends who can understand me emotionally and have the craziest fun ever.

I love it, and I love to be back. What the hell, I love you all, too! Muah!