Against all odds.

Well, I think that it is about time I tried my hand at very short stories. The following is inspired by a true incident which happened to a dear friend of mine, plus some modifications from my side. If possible, I’ll post some more such short incidents. Enjoy!

She could hear a set of footsteps coming her way. Her head was spinning faster than it ever had before. The glass of bourbon that she’d sneaked in was starting to show its colours. ‘That’s what weddings are for, right?’ She’d thought before draining the glass. She walked unsuspiciously to the back of the kitchen and sat down on the cold floor. No one knew that she was here. No one would look for her, either. Now, she was sitting like a mess. Her black dress was hanging from her shoulders loosely. Her eyes smeared with mascara and eyeliner. She hadn’t realised that she was crying until something cold fell down on her thigh. Then, she couldn’t hold it in anymore. She gave into a heartbreaking series of sobs. While she cried, the set of footsteps came closer until she could see his feet. He dropped to his knees in front of her.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her, reaching for her hand.

She flinched away from him. “Go away.”

“Hey, hey, come on. It’s me. Tell me what’s wrong.” He insisted, pulled up the dress over her shoulders. Her skin felt arctic under his warm hands. His eyes fell at the empty glass and he frowned. “Look at me.” He cradled her head in his hands and looked into her eyes. Even with black lines smudging out, they were the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. Damn, those eyes. He thought for a second before his concern took over him. “Tell me, please.”

“Everything.” Her answer was small but it made things clear to him. This was his connection to her. She’d say only a word or two and he’d understand everything it meant.

“What can I do?” He asked. “Name it and I’ll do it.”

“You want to do something for me?” Her voice was raised by a few octaves. “Then go away from me.”

“I will once I know you’re okay.”

“See? That’s your problem. I am never going to be okay! This thing is never going to let me be happy. This poison will ruin my life and yours, too. Be smart for once in your life and get over me.” Her voice broke his heart.

“I’m dumb, then.” He sat down next to her. “Because I won’t be over you. Ever. I know you’re not either. I know you love me.”

“Yes, and that’s the root of all this. My love isn’t worth the pain I give along with it.” She sobbed once more.

He pulled her onto his lap with ease and wrapped his arms around her. “It doesn’t matter. I love you. I’ll always love you, even if I have to fight you for it.” He wiped her tears with his thumb and kept his chin over her head.

“I’ll hurt you.” She warned him, putting an arm around his waist.

“I’ll still love you.” His words sounded like a warning to her, too.

“I love you.” When she said those words, a joy spread through him. This feeling hadn’t touched him in the last couple of years. She raised her head and looked into his eyes.

“I love you more.” He leaned his face down to meet her face.

It seems a little incomplete, I know. In their story, this is a milestone. No one thought that they’d find their way back to each other. No one believed that they’d last. They believed that he loved her, but she didn’t. I didn’t either. But, sometimes people prove you wrong. This time, and this time only, I’m glad someone proved me wrong. People who have to fight for each other the most are probably the ones who last. Their love is undefeated and true beyond belief.

Cheers to them for making an anti-romantic like me to believe in love.



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