Reverse psychology

There is something about the forbidden fruit, which makes us want it more. We don’t want it unless someone tells us that we can’t have it. After someone has told us that we can’t have that thing, the longing just starts to burn deeper.

September 5th is celebrated as the Teacher’s Day in India. This is because Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on this date. He was the first Vice President, and the second President of India. On this particular day, in most of the schools, seniors imitate the teachers and in the celebration, each and every teacher is felicitated for their hard work and the patience to bear students like us. The best part about this day, is that girls get to wear sarees. I mean, that is probably the only time in my life I was going to wear a saree, apart from my farewell, of course.

But, no. Some dear, dear students decided to go to the principal and ask for the change in attire code. They wanted to wear salwar-kurtis, as most of the girls said that they won’t come to school if saree wasn’t removed. Now, our principal is widely known for her mood swings. She told them that no sarees, no salwar-kurtis, everyone will come in uniform. For the first time 17 years of my school, the trend of wearing sarees on Teacher’s day was about to be broken.

Being A-grade mindless creatures, the students decided that they wanted Sarees back on, otherwise no one would come. They wrote a petition and now expect everyone to sign on that death sentence. I mean, I’m all up for a rebellious act, but not when it comes to pissing off the principal, especially when my Practical Marks of the most important year of my academic life rest in her hands.

What I don’t get is, why would they go into the lion’s den in the first place? Why would they get something removed and then ask for it back? Are they insane? Yes. Are they on a suicidal mission? Hell, yeah. Is there even going to be a celebration this year? Probably not. Not if they start acting like 3rd standard students instead 12th standard students. They are very well aware, that if they take that petition to the principal, she’s going to lose it completely. Then each and every person who’s signed the petition will face a Court Martial.(Not literally, but you get what I mean, right?)

Things are very simple in my head. There is no effect of reverse psychology on me. If I want something, I don’t jeopardise it in the first place. If I do not want something, God himself can’t make me want that. Things are not clear in everyone’s mind. They see a lot of gray. But seriously, why they went to the principal in the first place, to change the attire-code, is completely out of my understanding range.

What was the point? What good did it do to anybody? Why did they have to do it? I seriously wish someone could answer them to me.


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