Where was I when courtesy died?

The good news is, I’ve regained my vocal abilities. The bad new is, one of my “Friends” is turning 17 on Tuesday. She’s not a close friend, but she’s one of those people I can tolerate around me, and I genuinely care about her. For her, my best friend and one other friend are planning a surprise gift. They are discussing ideas with me, they’re roaming around the city with me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not even invited.

It’s not like I’m dying to go, or she’s throwing her party at a very exotic location…none of that bullshit. I get it. I’ve not known her long enough. I wouldn’t have gone even if I were invited because of the tests and her Prefectorial ass-kissing friends. But isn’t this plain courtesy? I sit behind her in the class every day since the past year. She didn’t invite me, that’s cool. I’m more than okay with that.

But why openly discuss plans about that party? Why talk about that in front of me? Where did the meaning of the word “Courtesy” go? Did it go die in its own feces? Yes, I think it did. The worst part is that my own best friend, the one person in this whole wide world who knows me better than I know myself, couldn’t figure this out. Now, I didn’t want the effort to get me invited into the party. No, I wanted the courtesy of not talking about that in front of me. Common thoughts like, “She wasn’t invited, so maybe we should take this somewhere else” or “Baby, I’m sorry we’ve been boring you with all this.”

That was all I asked for. Just that. Screw the party. I don’t like parties anyways. Please, just please, can someone find out where courtesy go? This world needs it.


2 thoughts on “Where was I when courtesy died?

  1. Well… think about it this way/ You are young and things are clear as to who you should invest your emotions and attention in, right from the start. Most of those from my age band never had that luxury ;(

    So… thank your friends instead 🙂 In the long term, it is better.
    Heard this joke some time back- a friend who vanished with the book you lent him has, in all probability, done you good 🙂

    You will find amazing people, who will value you for what you are, don’t worry 🙂

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