Excuse me? Is someone listening to average students? Hello?

As its my last year in school, I had to start thinking about college. I did a lot of self-evaluation. I figured out what I want to do with my life. My back up plans and everything.
For Finance, in India, IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) are widely renowned. There are 13 IIMs in India. Apart from the ones in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and Ahmadabad (Gujarat), all offer only Post-Graduation courses. But these two offer a five year old course in which they include a three year graduation course followed by a two year old masters course.
Of course, as I’m living in Indore, I thought that’s the college for me.
Then hell broke loose as I saw the cut-off percentage.
It was 99% and above.
Seriously? What were they trying to prove?
A 99% cut-off is absolutely ridiculous. Its almost impossible to score that much in India. Every year, a very few selected students get these kinds of marks. Every field has got entrance exams, even the lame universities have started conducting these exams. Scoring good in them is like chewing iron.
Who’s thinking of the average students? Or the students who don’t have enough money to pay to these colleges? The government is busy sucking money out of the taxpayers. College Deans are like leeches waiting for their prey to feed them money.
But, no. Why should they care? Its just another student who’s worked as hard as he/she could. That’s not good enough for them. They want extremely good results out of everybody. Any marks below 80% are like a slap in the face.
Even if I work my butt off and pass the exams for IIM, they’re no guarantee that I’ll get in. That is because there are seats reserved for backward classes, SC, ST, aka the people who used to be called untouchables before Independence. 50-70% seats are reserved for them. A General class student with 90% won’t get in if the seat has already been filled with a person who belongs to the backward classes and holds only 70%.
It is true that their class has suffered a lot in the past. They’ve been treated like garbage. They’ve literally been tormented and have been thought of as crap.Therefore, now they get special treatments everywhere.
Isn’t that violation of The Right to Equality? This topic has been discussed widely among the politicians and had mainly led to violence.
What about the normal people? The students who don’t belong to schedule cast and haven’t got Newton’s brains? What are they supposed to do? Work hard like they always have?
A little harder, a little more, you’re almost there, just a little more…
No matter how hard we work, living in the India which it is today is going to be hard. It’ll not be living, it’ll transform to surviving.
I may sound like I’m criticizing my country and almost abusing it. But I’m not abusing it. All I’m doing is acknowledging the facts. It is really happening. Anyone can Google it if they want.
Being one of the people who are likely to suffer in the near future, I can criticize the systems as much as I want. I like to think of myself as the representative of my generation. I’m posting this after a heated discussion with my peers. Almost all of them are average in academics. They’re worried about what is going to happen to them after this year? What will they do if they don’t get into good colleges? Even if they work hard, what if that is not enough?
I stayed awake all night thinking the same thing. Ir reached the conclusion that I don’t want to go to IIM anymore. Not because I’m scared of the competition, but because I refuse to be a victim of this prevailing injustice. I’ve chosen a new college in another state, which has no quotas and will most probably accept me.
After that, London School of economics, here I come!


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