Okay, I admit that was embarrassing…

The judgment day had arrived. 

I’ve been dreading this moment even before I finished giving my exams. This was the day of final exam results. I tried lying to my parents about the date of the meet, but nowadays, my school has upgraded and sends crucial information, such as result dates, through text messages. I didn’t sleep the night before. The funny feeling at the pit of my stomach didn’t let me. I started showering extra love on my parents so that they’d be a little less mad at me later on. But I ended up blaming myself for not being more creative.

Before I could regain my consciousnesses from the sleepless night, I was climbing up the stairs of my school. I felt my knees go weaker and weaker with every step.

The class seemed to be carrying itself to me.

My head started getting dizzy-er with every step.
I,somehow, reached my class. My class teacher saw me and gave a smile. She was always nice to me, therefore her smile wasn’t an assurance of a good result. It was just the assurance of the fact that I’d passed. Just passing wasn’t good enough for me. If my percentile drops to 60s and my confidence will drop to negative integers. I couldn’t breathe in the classroom. I collapsed on the chair, my face flushed.
“Are you okay? Here…Have some water.” My teacher gave me her water-bottle and with the other hand, she handed me my report card. I closed my eyes and peeked a little. All I could see was the roman number V.
What? Huh? 5 marks out of five hundred? What the…???
I looked up to my teacher for some sort of explanation. She just winked at me and then her gaze fell on my parents.
“What are you expecting from her?” She asked.
“Quite frankly ma’am…I think she’s going to have to repeat the year.” My mother said, with disappointment in her tone. Yeah, like that was a surprise.
“Well, Mrs Upadhyay..” She took the report card from my hands and handed over to my mother, “Even you wouldn’t have expected that.”
The card replayed in my head. Our marks aren’t written in Roman numbers. Our ranks are!
The water in my mouth automatically sprayed itself on the blackboard.
“Holy Crap! Are you serious?” I stood up and started jumping around. I’m already tall, and jumping made me feel like I might hit the fan any second.
My best friend’s elder brother looked at me as if I’d lost it. To that, I made a mental notion saying, “At least I had it.”
“Are you sure that its her’s?” My father, of course, asked.
“Yes, sir, it is. She had the most unexpected results. She exceeded the toppers of our class. May I say ma’am, she’s worked hard and earned these praises.” My teacher looked at me with a proud smile on her face.
I looked at my father, and every part of my body was aching to yell, “Burn, dad, burn!” I know he’s my father and all that but I just wanted to say it.
My legs couldn’t stand straight. I was jumping all the time, while my parents double checked the mark sheet.
My best friend came and started jumping along with me. Outside the class, our Principle passed by, looking at the both of us with a weird expression on her face.
My teacher said, “Both of you, stop jumping before I get fired.”
Me and my best friend, walked out of class hand in hand and started jumping outside an empty class. It was long before we realized that, that particular classroom had students of other schools giving their Board Examination. The invigilator looked at us with a stern expression on his face.
Me and my best friend looked at each other’s face while walking out of that corridor and once we were alone, we burst into laughter again.
No matter what my result would’ve bee, my friend would’ve always been there for me and I for him. Because we both know what its like to have no one to share happiness or sorrow with. In this case, extreme happiness.
I don’t think I would’ve achieved this result without his support and constant poking. I guess I’m one of those gooey people who believe that nothing can be done alone.


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