Do Something

A few weeks ago, in my school, we were given a topic to write an essay on. It was, ‘The youth of India.’ The problem with me and essays is word limit. How am I supposed to write all my views in 80 words? The essay was good, but I was a wee bit unsatisfied with it. So, I’m going to drain all my thoughts right now. Bear with me, please.

Who are we? We are the future. We are the people who are being molded into future leaders, businessmen, politicians, etc. The future of our country depends on us. Literally. People who are a generation or two older than us, they’re going to die and leave the country in our hands. Everything rests upon us. Our future, as well the following generation’s future. We are the ones who will learn from the mistakes of our elders and set an example for the generations following. Just like some other great people did.

We can shake the grounds of the country, we can bring a drastic change in our Nation if we want, we can be an example for others. But for that, we have to Do Something. All it takes is  that one step towards a hundred mile journey. Little things come together and become one. And as a unison, they move forwards and bring about the desired change.

Swami Vivekananda once said, “You can do anything and everything. believe in that.” That is all we need to do. Believe that we can do something good and then slowly and gradually, bring a change. Even an ocean is made by small drops. You know where I’m going with this, right? Small things come together and become one. Similarly, small steps towards the betterment of the future by the youth of the country, will guarantee a better future.

Do it for your country, do it for your name, do it for the future.

Just, Do Something


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