Sorry about leaving the last one incomplete.I’m a little technically challenged.
So, where was I? Yes. I don’t know if someone out there is reading my stuff. Though, I wish that someone is. Because that is the secondary purpose of me writing a blog. I wish to improve and that can only be done if I receive criticism.
If there is someone really reading what I wrote, then I expect comments.
Starting from how did I become a writing freak. Well, that happened this summer. I wrote a few lines which were laid eyes upon by my best friend. She convinced me that I could write. It made its impact on me and then I started writing more.
In no time, I was writing like a maniac, filling 6 copies on one story, writing in the middle of the night whenever I was being deprived of sleep. My family did not know this. I did not want them to know this. Because this was something which was mine, and was untouched of comparison. The day my family finds out about the writer deep within me, it will get exploited and will eventually be a victim of comparison. That’s how family is like, isn’t it? At least mine is.
Never do they leave a chance of comparing me with other kids of my age. Or the kids who get into a prestigious college with scholarship. That is the time when I feel like ripping those kids’ hearts out. You did something? Good for you. Why is there a need to brag about it?
One day, I truly hope that I become a professional writer and then its my parents who brag about me. That day is far, I know, because I’m just a 15 year old. But not every place that is far is unreachable.


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