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We are one

We are one

We are Indians


The dark knights rise…

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about Batman.

I’m talking about knights. I’m talking about Knights in today’s world. I’m talking about politicians in our country. They are appointed for the same reason knights are. To protect the Nation, and help it become all that it can become. Where there’s power, there’s responsibility. There also are two ways ahead. One which is of the greater good, and the other which satisfies all the petty and selfish things. It is upon a knight, to choose which way he needs his horses to turn.

Many in India have chosen to take the second path. The path is easy, its painless and is devoid of any kind of thought towards others. Hence, the knights took a dark turn, becoming the dark knights of India. These dark knights are willing to do anything it takes, black or white, to get re-elected, so that they can enjoy the next 5 years, like leeches on a common taxpayer. They have no boundaries, and will do anything to stay in power. Anything. Even if it means flirting with sensitive issues that can weaken the country. 

Just like fighting their battles wearing a mask of religion. In India, its a very sensitive topic, as a number of religions live together in one country. This issue is not left untouched by those parasites who call themselves politicians. Of there are breakouts among the public. If there are as much as 2 people living under one roof, arguments are obvious. This is a whole country with a population of more than 1 billion people we are talking about.

Isn’t it the duty of our ‘Knights’ to resolve these clashes with minimum damage? Instead, they see these events as a fuel. A fuel which can provoke people to turn against each other. People listen to politicians, they idolize them. And our ‘Knights’ always, somehow, seem to decide to abuse their powers and use them for the worse. Their words drip of venom when they speak in campaigns, the power in their voice when they speak of a religion, and their conniving tact to taunt the leader from the other team…

Sometimes, news about such things make me sick to my stomach. They are suppose to be role models, icons, leaders who people will follow without a second thought. Not some men in white Kurtas who were caught watching porn on their mobile phones, not some people with VIP cars, not some people who’ve got Swiss accounts full of money which could feed India for 15 years…

Nope. That wasn’t in the cards when we rested our faith in them. If we have voted for you, and brought you up to the point where you are now, then it is our god-given right to pull your hand so hard that when you fall, you won’t even know what hit you. Because in the end, the government is of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Our voices are suppressed  we are undermined. But till when? There will come a time when they won’t have the strength to raise a finger to stop us.

While growing up, we are taught one thing. There is only one identity. We aren’t Hindus, or Muslims  or Christians first.

We are Indians first. And that is a bond that runs so deep, that thousands of such knights can’t break even if they try to.

Do Something

A few weeks ago, in my school, we were given a topic to write an essay on. It was, ‘The youth of India.’ The problem with me and essays is word limit. How am I supposed to write all my views in 80 words? The essay was good, but I was a wee bit unsatisfied with it. So, I’m going to drain all my thoughts right now. Bear with me, please.

Who are we? We are the future. We are the people who are being molded into future leaders, businessmen, politicians, etc. The future of our country depends on us. Literally. People who are a generation or two older than us, they’re going to die and leave the country in our hands. Everything rests upon us. Our future, as well the following generation’s future. We are the ones who will learn from the mistakes of our elders and set an example for the generations following. Just like some other great people did.

We can shake the grounds of the country, we can bring a drastic change in our Nation if we want, we can be an example for others. But for that, we have to Do Something. All it takes is  that one step towards a hundred mile journey. Little things come together and become one. And as a unison, they move forwards and bring about the desired change.

Swami Vivekananda once said, “You can do anything and everything. believe in that.” That is all we need to do. Believe that we can do something good and then slowly and gradually, bring a change. Even an ocean is made by small drops. You know where I’m going with this, right? Small things come together and become one. Similarly, small steps towards the betterment of the future by the youth of the country, will guarantee a better future.

Do it for your country, do it for your name, do it for the future.

Just, Do Something

Sorry about leaving the last one incomplete.I’m a little technically challenged.
So, where was I? Yes. I don’t know if someone out there is reading my stuff. Though, I wish that someone is. Because that is the secondary purpose of me writing a blog. I wish to improve and that can only be done if I receive criticism.
If there is someone really reading what I wrote, then I expect comments.
Starting from how did I become a writing freak. Well, that happened this summer. I wrote a few lines which were laid eyes upon by my best friend. She convinced me that I could write. It made its impact on me and then I started writing more.
In no time, I was writing like a maniac, filling 6 copies on one story, writing in the middle of the night whenever I was being deprived of sleep. My family did not know this. I did not want them to know this. Because this was something which was mine, and was untouched of comparison. The day my family finds out about the writer deep within me, it will get exploited and will eventually be a victim of comparison. That’s how family is like, isn’t it? At least mine is.
Never do they leave a chance of comparing me with other kids of my age. Or the kids who get into a prestigious college with scholarship. That is the time when I feel like ripping those kids’ hearts out. You did something? Good for you. Why is there a need to brag about it?
One day, I truly hope that I become a professional writer and then its my parents who brag about me. That day is far, I know, because I’m just a 15 year old. But not every place that is far is unreachable.

My first blog post

Hi! I’m a writing freak. I want to write almost all the time. So, I thought, why not blog? Its not like anyone’s going to read it. So, that’s why I write. Sometimes, I can get boring, but that’s when i write about my feelings, my life, and that ‘kind of stuff.

No one’s reading, so I don’t care if if Its boring.